At Zun Designs, we specialise in the design and supply of canvas covers for fitment to the interior of 4x4 vehicles.  Our Zun Covers, while looking good, will protect your vehicle from sun damage and offer ample storage space for all the items that usually crowd your footwells and seats.  To date, our range caters primarily for Land Cruiser 4x4 vehicles.  We are however expanding our range to include all makes of 4x4 vehicles.  

Materials :

All our products are hand washable and will look their best for many years to come.  We pride ourselves on the fact that our workmanship is of the highest quality and is therefore guaranteed.

Cleaning Instructions :

If the canvas is affected due to staining in a specific spot, it can be cleaned with a soft brush and cold water.  Tougher stains can be cleaned with a very diluted soap and water solution of at least 20 parts water to 1 part soap.  Never rub the fabric too vigorously.  Please do not use chemicals, bleach or harsh astringents on canvas.  Should there be slight shrinkage after washing, gently stretch the fabric whilst it is still slightly damp and it will return to it’s original size.  DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

The Image below shows Zun Covers fitted to a vehicle :

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